Metal Maniac


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Meet Mindy, the Metal Maniac! She's just bonkers about that shiny, hard stuff! So bonkers, in fact, that she's gone to the deepest, darkest cave in the tallest, highest mountain she could find - with nothing but her giant hammer to keep her company. She's on a mission to find and collect metal ores, you see - and it's a well known fact that the best place to find all the metal ores is in the deepest, darkest cave in the tallest, highest mountain.

Why is she all alone? Well, that's a good question; ores are shy, after all, and Mindy didn't want to scare them off, you see - it wouldn't do her any good to be scaring off her most manic obsession! Why does she only have her giant hammer with her? Er... well, um... everyone likes a giant hammer! Oh, and Mindy's is extra tough - it helps to ease the extractification of that shiny, hard metal.

What does this all have to do with you? Ah, I see Mindy's quest has sparked your interest! She was hoping you could join her endeavours in the deepest, darkest cave in the tallest, highest mountain, and help her collect all the shiny metal? She would be ever so grateful...


★ Easy to pick up, hard to put down!

★ An action packed and fast paced game! Tap on the metal squares to begin Mindy on her endeavour to find and collect all kinds of metal ores!

★ Keep Mindy as far away from the cave roof as you can! No need to risk her life!

★ Discover power ups and bombs along the way, and destroy them to gain an advantage!

★ Challenge your friends and family to beat your highscores!

★ See how you compare to players around the world on the global leaderboards!