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Oh no! Billy Bob's lifelong pet goat, Skittles, has been chosen as a sacrifice for his majesties dinner! The guards just took him right out from under his loving nose!

Billy Bob is heartbroken! And in his heartbreak he has discovered a power from within - a bow and arrows, and the amazing ability to hit every target without even looking straight! He's already made it to the King's Castle in his heroic quest to save his lifelong pet!

In Billy Bob's his gallant rescue he has stormed the king's castle, flattening the guards that stood between him and Skittles! He has charged straight through the walls of the castle and on to freedom astride his goat - heading straight through the King's Courtyard to the nearing exit!

But the action isn't over yet! The King is furious and wants his dinner back! Help Billy Bob shoot down the waves of guards charging after you - but don't forget to look out for those water fountains, statues and trees that decorate the King's Royal Courtyard! If you fail, you will doom Skittles straight to the King's hungry belly!


★ Simple and easy to learn game play that is thoroughly enjoyable for all ages.

★ There are GOAT loads of puns!

★ Enjoy the amusement of playing as a quirky character.

★ Very aesthetic design, pleasant to look at over and over again.

★ The game has a very light hearted approach to appeal to a wider range of audience.

★ Run through endless aesthetic scenery gaining more and more speed the farther you escape!

★ Avoid the oncoming court yard obstacles so you don't hurt yourself trying to escape the guards!

★ Challenge your friends and family to beat your high scores!

★ See how you compare to players around the world on the global leaderboards!

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Skittles, being taken by the kings guard as a sacrifice for his majesty's dinner. You - Billy Bob - charge in gallantly to his rescue!
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