Berry Buddies


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Get into the game with up to 4 players to compete in berry crushing, finger mashing madness! Get assigned your favourite berry and tap as crazily as you can to squash as many as you can. The friend with the highest score wins, where as the others get placed autonomously in the losing positions.


★ Simple and easy to learn game play that is thoroughly enjoyable for everyone!

★ Get together three of your best friends, most skilled siblings, or that guy/girl you like and challenge them to this fun game!

★ Squish your berry to win! Be careful not to hit another player's berries – that's free points for your opponents!

★ Enjoy the cute and aesthetic strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and gooseberries!

★ Challenge yourself to beat highscores in single player!

★ Choose your difficulty in single player to improve your skills for next time you challenge friends and family in multiplayer!

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How To Make A Game

Available now on iOS and Android:

Follow Hannah & Liam as they create a game together from start to finish: sped up for an interesting insight into the making of a game from both the programmer and artist perspectives!
Real Time: 8hrs 12mins 25secs
New Time: 8mins 30secs

Join in on this addictive multiplayer game and don't miss out on the fun - it's enjoyable for all ages, from families who want to bond together with an enjoyable game to friends who want to turn a boring bus trip into fun and giggles, this game won't let you down!