Working on a New Game!


Keep a look out


13 November, 2014 by Hannah

Greetings peoples of the internets!

Finally! Avert has released our big game, Radial Champions! After twelve months working on this new mobile game it feels like a huge weight has been lifted - and all we're left with is time! Hours and hours, and days and days of time!

But this isn't a bad thing! All of the ideas we've had, and even planned out, have been piling up over the past few months - and now we finally have all this time! In fact, we are already underway, and one of our ideas has very much come into fruition over the past few days. The Facebook page is pretty skeletal at the moment, but for those of you that are interested, HERE you are.

The game will be multiplayer for up to four people, with the singleplayer option for those who enjoy quick games to pass the time. It's only half done and I am hooked, so I can't wait till we're finished to share this with everyone! The game will be heaps of fun, and we should have it released on Android at the end of the week, and iOS in the next two weeks - hit the like button on Facebook if you want in on this fun little game ;)

As well as getting another idea off and out of the notebook and onto your screen, we have also been in production of some new and exciting YouTube footage for our channel! I am planning to do more on Avert's YouTube in the upcoming months to create a more personal connection with the community. There will be more speed art, and glimpses into the processes that we go through to get our games to you!

To keep in touch and up to date with the new and exciting goodies we, at Avert, have planned for you, give us a little like on our Facebook page - and if you're interested in our YouTube goodies, don't forget to subscribe to our channel!