Website Revamp!


On the Road to Recovery


08 February, 2015 by Hannah

Hi Hi!

So, we have been busy at work on a total overhaul of the Avert Studios website - just one of the many improvements Avert will have in 2015! As much as we loved the old webpage we felt that, after two years of loyal and reliable service, it was time to retire it.

Our new website will be much more accessible, with blogs, videos, games and twitter all easily available to find from the main page. As well as revamping the utility and facilities of Avert Studios website, we have also designed a more appealing layout! The plan is to have the full website up and running in the next few days - and then you know we will be running it by you guys to see if you like it!

Our new app is still in the works and is looking forward to release by the end of this month - before uni starts and we lose our programmer, Liam Kelly, for six days a week to assignments and studying. Avert Studios is still planning on producing games all year, so don't worry - things might just take a little longer than usual.

If you guys haven't already, you should check out our awesome music composer Nature Ganganbaigal. He does lots of really cool tracks, and although Avert has been a bit quiet on the game front, he has done lots of other work that is definitely worth listening to!

I wouldn't look past checking out our artist Liam Harris either, he has been busy entertaining himself over the holidays by flooding tumblr with super cool gifs, so go be entertained!

I will leave you with those two, as I really don't have anything productive to show for these holidays!

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