Radial Champions


Imminent Release!


11 October, 2014 by Avert

Radial Champions has been a long time in the making! It has been in development for a total 12 months now and it's about time Avert Studios blessed the world with Radial Champions eminating radiance!

I'm all about word play today! Radial Champions has nothing to do wtih radiance, in terms of light or heat anyway, but instead Radial refers to the game play mechaniac!... well, I thought that was a pretty neat fact anyway!

The game is well worth the 12 month wait. Radial Champions, an upcoming iOS and Android game, is jam packed full of features! When you start the game you get a choice of two sides; Viking, or Paladin - choose wisely, as you will be a big influence (through your gameplay) to the side you choose! Viking's use Axes as their weapons, and Paladin's use Hammers - Viking's colour is green, and Paladin's colour is purple. But don't stress too much, you get a similiar styles of weapons on either side, and the same amount of weapons will be available to you - so you won't be missing out on anything!

You start at lvl 1 and fight your way to lvl 100, unlocking new and better weapons along the way. Each round you play you will fight swordsmen, arches, wizards, mortors, knights and more, each with their own tricks and strategies to beat! And, of course, there's a high chance you will encounter a Boss in your round - the Bosses have stronger attacks and, again, different strategies for beating them (and of course, more points when you defeat them!) So keep an eye out for that!

The points you earn from each of your rounds help your side in the battle of victory against the other - so fight well and make your peers proud! You can see your contribution to your side on the League Leaderboards, and you can also check if your side is winning by visiting the League's page when online. The winner's get a prize at the end of the week, and then the scales reset for the next week - so keep up the work!

You also have achievments to unlock, stats on each of your weapons, global leaderboards to compete on, avatars to choose from!

The game also includes Upgrades to your champions, which you can save up gameplay currency (tokens) to purchase and a diverse choice of Utilities that you can use to aid you in your rounds!

There is just a few more bugs to smoosh out, and then it will be uploaded on the App stores for both iOS and Android - so stay tuned, give us a little like on the Radial Champions FB page and don't miss out on this amazing upoming mobile game!