Radial Champions & New Shirts!


Radial Champions now available on Android!


06 November, 2014 by Avert

Avert has finally released Radial Champions! It is currently available to download on Android, and awaiting acceptance into the iOS Apple Store.

It has been up and available to download for a few days now, and we have been keen as mustard to start sharing it. We have unfortunately been a little held up, as we posted the game's profile on our IndieDB account while it was still in development; they require a few more screenshots than normal, which we have amended. Hopefully the game profile will be accepted and viewable to the public shortly!

For now, here is a short blurb to get you excited! For those of you a little more interested, you can check out Google Play on your PC (or download it on your Android!):

Join the battle for domination! Pick your side and help prove if Battle Hammers or Battle Axes are the superior weapon - do your best to destroy as many enemies as you can and help your side be the victor!

Choose your side, Viking or Paladin, and fend off the oncoming slaughter of enemies! Wield, customise and upgrade a multitude of axes (Viking) and hammers (Paladin) to attempt to gain the highest score possible! This innovative action game can be played indefinitely and higher scores can always be achieved. Radial Champions features many advanced online systems and mechanics to constantly provide a great gameplay experience!

★ Unique and fun gameplay
★ Start at level 1 and fight your way to level 100
★ Buy new and better weapons as you gain levels and become more powerful!
★ Watch out for the big bosses in your rounds!
★ Make your peers proud by playing well and earning points for your league!
★ Upgrade your champion to become even more powerful!
★ Unlock dozens of achievements as you play!
★ Enjoy the cool artwork and gameplay effects!
★ Check out your league score and individual score on the global leaderboards!
★ Challenge your friends and family to join the forces and beat your scores!
★ And much, much more!

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In other exciting news, we finally have something of a uniform! For future game making challenges, and other Indie Development events in Brisbane, we will be strutting around in our new shirts! You might even catch us around the Brisbane area wearing them on off days, so for all you Aussie's in the Brisbane area - keep a keen eye out!

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