QUT Bachelor of Games


Games Showcase


31 October, 2014 by Hannah

A big hello to everyone this fine evening!

We have just returned home from attending the QUT third years Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment showcase, where the teams of students present their final products to the public. This was the biggest accomplishment over the course for most of the students, as all of the games have been published and are available to download.

For Avert our programmer, Liam Kelly, was presenting his game with his uni team - which is Pipe Runners. He worked with a team seven, including three 3D modellers, a concept artist, a sound tech and two programmers. The game is for PC and is published under the teams company FishTank Games. The team won't be making any further games under that company, but we, at Avert, are hoping to collaborate with some of the individuals in the future to produce some awesome and more diverse mobile games!

We got a chance to meet up with some fellow IndieDBers, and perhaps have a chance to work with them as well in the future! Unfortunately, the gig is up, and my stalking tendencies have been revealed! I'm not so good with the fluffly talk, so when I say meeting it was probably more like "Hey, been stalking your game on IndieDB, nice new curtains blocking the view into your living room".

It was nice to meet students and play the many games on display tonight - Symphony Quest won the most innovative gameplay, and has some amazing artwork - plus, at their display they had cupcakes with treble clef's on them! A very interesting concept, a big recommend to downloading and trying that one out! I would also recommend having a peek at 2199: NEW WORLD ORDER - very cool artwork and gameplay too, we gave them advice to get this one out on mobile, so hopefully that comes into fruition. If not, PC works for it too!

I unfortunately don't at all recall the game that won the most commercially viable award, so I will link you again to Pipe Runners! Go and enjoy Avert's talented programmer.

We are very much looking forward to next year's student presentations, where our artist, Liam Harris, will also be presenting a game with a team for his last year at university.

Another wonderful night meeting industry people and enjoying the local Brisbane talent!