Indies VS PewDiePie Ghost Room


In Development!


21 November, 2014 by Avert

Avert is currently working on a game for the 72 Hour Indies VS PewDiePie game jam! We've been working at it for about 4 hours and we're on a roll!

We're updating our facebook page, tiwtter and will be uploading screenshots on our IndieDB profile as well! Our programmer is also recording his process for our YouTube chanel as well :) The games are voted for on the Indies VS PewDiePie website, so if you like our idea you should vote for us ;)

The game we came up with is Ghost Room. You, as the main character, are thrown into a game show - a room with two doors, which open periodically and let in ghosts, zombies and spiders! You have to run around and avoid contact with the creepy crawlies, and strategically place bombs to blow them up. You only gain points when you blow up enemies with a bomb, so make them count!

At the start of the round there are funny announcements - "Welcome to Ghost Room, you are going down - like our ratings" etc. During the round, there will also be announcements. The style is kinda pixelish.

I am really hoping this game will suit the jam teme 'fun to play, fun to watch', so if anyone has any suggestions please let us know! And maybe some ideas for funny announcements?? Let us know on our facebook page!