Indies VS PewDiePie


72 Hour Game Jam


19 November, 2014 by Avert

After much consideration, Avert has decided to get the team together for another game jam! This time we're attempting to tackle the Indies VS PewDiePie 72 hour challenge! It's a little different from the styles of game jams we've come to know - gathering as a community in one spot and jamming it out, not knowing the theme until the very second the clock starts. Instead, Indies VS PewDiePie is focusing on the broad theme of 'Fun to play, fun to watch'.

The games are played and voted for by everyone who is wired in. The top ten voted games will all be played on PewDiePie's channel, which is a great opportunity for game developers everywhere!

Avert is excited to participate, not only to takle another challenge and become stronger as a team, but also for the chance to have a game played by PewDiePie on his YouTube channel! Even if our game isn't voted to the top ten, it will be a good learning experience for everyone, and we will have another quality app available for download on iOS and Android!

Like in our previous game jams, Avert will be creating a facebook page for the game and updating it as we progress. We are also planning on recording some more interesting footage for our YouTube channel! If anyone is interested to watch our game progress over the 72 hour challenge, give us a little like at Avert and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

We will be posting on the Avert facebook page with links to our 72Hr game page when it's up, so keep a keen eye out! We will also be tweeting on our Twitter account pretty frequently throughout the jam to keep our followers in the loop - so drop by!