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Berry Buddies!


16 November, 2014 by Hannah

Avert has just posted our awesome video to YouTube!

Be sure to check it out! Me and my partner, Liam, both recorded our screens during the processes that we, as Indie Game Developers, go through to create a game. We both put our recordings together, and sped the video up, managing to compress eight and a half hours of work into a measly EIGHT MINUTES!

The game we are working on here is Berry Buddies, a new and upcoming iOS and Android game, which is multiplayer - we have optimised this game to be best played by four people! We just have a few little things to do to it that we couldn't record - involving Apple ID's and passwords, so the game won't be out for a couple of weeks.

But don't worry, you can keep track of the release on our Facebook page - so drop by and give us a little like!

We are really appreciate all of the support and feedback we have been receiving lately! It's good to see people are enjoying our games, and our social media. And also good to hear things we need to improve on.

For everyone who are still downloading and enjoying Greedy Dragon - hang in there, we are in the middle of the updates, and they will be submitted soon! Some improvements to the background, and some Christmas inspired price knockdowns will be in the store and on your devices shortly!

Remember to keep a look out on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so you don't miss out on the next little bundle of goodies we at Avert are cooking up for you!