Billy's Goat


48 Hour Game Challenge


05 October, 2014 by Avert

So the 48 hours is done and dusted! Our team of three is feeling sore, tired and dirty, but content to finally be home in clean clothes and comfortable beds. It has been an amazing adventure, and wonderful experience for the three of us. We saw some epic games in the making, some even more epic art in development, and even some epic music being altered and edited for games. What's even more amazing is being in the middle of this creative surge of energy!

Our three words - for those of you who didn't get a chance to follow us on facebook during this event - were Sacrifice, Wave and Guard. Our talented animator, Liam Harris, sequenced a short cut scene for our game which will be uploaded on YouTube within the next few days - stop by the facebook page - Billy's Goat - and hit the like button so you don't miss this! It's definately worth seeing.

The idea we came up with involved your life long pet goat, Skittles, being taken by the kings guard as a sacrifice for his majesty's dinner. You - Billy Bob - charge in gallantly to his rescue! The result is waves of guards chasing you through the palace courtyard! The game play is fun, addictive, and easy to learn - plus the art is beautiful. There are goat loads of puns and we took a very light hearted approach to appeal to a wider range of audience.

But the work is not done yet - Avert Studios still has a couple more goodies to add to Billy's Goat (our product from the 48 Hour Game Design Challenge), plus final polishing and the publishing process.

Stay tuned and have your mobile devices ready to download Billy's Goat!