48 Hour Challenge


Team Avert - 2015


02 October, 2015 by Avert

Hello once again to all our fans! We have been on hiatus, sorting out our lives, but it has become time once again for the 48 hour game making challenge!

Out of the hundreds of applicants we made it into one of the limited spots in the Start-up category. We have a small team consisting of our talented programmer, Liam Kelly, an equally as talented Artist/Animator/Sound tech Liam Harris, a new recruit and 10 year veteran, Andrew Hannam and of course, Hannah Arnold for some much needed Design/Art/Animation.

The challenge takes place today, Friday the 2nd at 4pm and finishing up on Sunday the 4th at 4pm.

Wish Team Avert luck! And don't forget to drop by the facebook page, we will keep it updated with our progress through the challenge - Team Avert - and give us a little like!