Team Avert!


48 Hour Game Challenge


01 October, 2014 by Hannah

Hello to all our avid game fans!

I am excited to announce that Avert Studios has been accepted into the Brisbane International Game Developers Association annual 48 hour Game Making Challange! Out of the hundreds of applicants we made it into one of the limited spots in the Indie Game category. We have a small team consisting of our talented programmer, Liam Kelly, an equally as talented Artist/Animator/Sound tech Liam Harris, and of course, Hannah Arnold - me ;P - for some much needed Design/Art/Animation.

The challange takes place this coming Friday the 3rd at 4pm and finishing up on Sunday the 5th at 4pm. Follow our progress (and regression!) on facebook:

I willl keep the page updated with photos and updates throughout the 48 hours, and may even need a little help with ideas here and there - keep an eye out for the posts and help out with some input!

It's an excellent opportunity for some massive exposure and networking, although I'm sure we will win as well! Stay tuned for the iOS and Android game we produce from this challenge, hopefully the sleep deprivation adds to the quality ;)

Wish Team Avert luck! And don't forget to drop by the facebook page - TeamAvert48hour - and give us a little like!