1,000 Players Wallpaper!


Pakshin Speed Art


23 October, 2014 by Avert

As some of you may already know, and for those of you who don't, one of Avert's games has recently reached 1,000 downloads on iOS and Android! That's Greedy Dragon, for the individuals who are dropping by for the first time. It's a very big achievment for an indie company just starting to make it's mark on the world.

In appreciation for the community our artist, Hannah Arnold, has been hard at work drawing a nice big, pixel packed wallpaper as a big thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed Greedy Dragon! She really wanted to draw Pakshin; an unlockable dragon with a talent for flying fast, as he has two sets of wings. When she started drawing him, and unfortunately it didn't initially occur to her that he is blue, not unlike Aeron - the main character of Greedy Dragon. In retrospect it might've been a nice idea to have drawn a red dragon, like Ryba!

Check out the YouTube video of the speed drawing for this background and give it a little like for some support! She says: "I've been experiencing a lot of firsts lately and this is also on the list - it's the first time I've reorded myself drawing. I'm hoping to do it again in the future, maybe a recording of all game assets for an upcoming Avert game ;)" Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you're interested in seeing this happen, and don't miss out on our other little upcoming goodies!

We have been planning some major updates to Greedy Dragon in light of it's popularity. We will be balancing out the dragon prices and tokens gained per round, though we are planning this as a promotional short term event - so if you haven't already, download the game on your mobiles and devices so you don't miss out on this massive deal! We are also looking into making the game a little faster paced, as recently suggested by a player :)

We are also planning some visual updates to the parallaxing backgrounds - with Hannah's growing experience in the industry, she is finding it hard to look back at her first game and not see so much room for improvment!

In the future, to celebrate further success with Greedy Dragon, Hannah will be offering to draw another background for all you Greedy Dragons out there! Keep up to date on the Facebook page, as we will be putting the next dragon to be drawn up to popular vote. Don't miss out on the chance to have a say in the next wallpaper!